Autors: Ilieva, R. Y., Nikolov, Y. P.
Title: Artificial Neural Networks with Java Implementation
Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks

Abstract: Imagine a business tool that has the knowhow of the human brain and can boost personalization, cut time on menial tasks and improve service delivery. Artificial neural networks and artificial intelligence networks modeled after the human brain are gearing up to have a huge impact on business processes everywhere. In fact, many companies, whether they know it or not, are already taking advantage of neural networking technology and creating frameworks for its implementation. Microsoft has explored imaging deep neural networks to classify malware and has recently previewed Project Brainwave, a hardware architecture that makes real-time AI calculations. This project is being tested for providing solutions for automated optical inspection system. The system will scan products on the assembly line for defects with lighting speed. Meanwhile, IBM has released a beta of its Neural Network Modeler in Watson Studio that lets developers use a visual approach to designing deep learning architectur



    . International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development HiTech, October 10-11, pp. 1-5, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE

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