Autors: Mishkov, R. L., Petrov, V. S.
Title: Multiple reference frames state space models of brushless dc motor for feedback linearization
Keywords: Nonlinear systems, Nonlinear transformations, Feedback linearization, Brushless DC motor, Power invariance

Abstract: Multiple reference frames orientated state space nonlinear mathematical models for brushless DC motors are derived in the paper using the power invariant dqo transformation in rotating and stationary form. The nonlinear state space models obtained are strictly orientated, decoupled, and linear with respect to the model parameters. This allows convenient application of advanced control theory differential geometric design approaches including multi-input multi-output feedback linearization and nonlinear adaptive systems design. Moreover the decoupling of the currents permits closed-loop nonlinear systems synthesis accomplishing simultaneous elimination of the torque pulsations and copper losses minimization. The nonlinear state space models derived are simulated to investigate their properties.


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International Conference Automatics and Informatics'11, pp. B-71 - B-74, 2011, Bulgaria,

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