Autors: Dimitrievski, I. M., Mollov, V. S.
Title: Novel abstraction and prototyping methods for NoC – based smart Ethernet switches
Keywords: NoC, latency, prototyping, throughput, FPGA

Abstract: The problem for effective prototyping of the Networks on Chip (NoC) based devices has become an important issue since they have started to be implemented in high-performance smart switches single-chip devices. Now, the NoC-based switches are required to fulfill the requirements for excellent performance as lowest possible time delay and overall latency, an increased traffic speed through the network switch, and also an increased bandwidth and throughput. In this paper the state-of-the-art methods for NoC prototyping are presented. Some platforms used for prototyping of these networks are discussed: with a hardcoded core and reconfigurable FPGA part and with a fully configurable FPGA architecture. An overview of the selected platforms is done with an introduction to Ethernet switch simulations methods using ns-2 network simulator.


  1. Ile Dimitrievski, Valentin S. Mollov, 2015, Novel abstraction and prototyping methods for NoC – based smart Ethernet switches, Plovdiv, Republicof Bulgaria, 5-6 November 2015, <Plovdiv>, Union of Scientist in Bulgaria


Scientific Works of the Union of Scientist in Bulgaria-Plovdiv, vol. XIII, pp. 169-172, 2016, Bulgaria, Union of Scientist in Bulgaria, ISSN 1311-9419

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