Autors: Nikolov, N. D., Germanova-Krasteva, D. S.
Title: Some Problems in Simulation Modelling of Terry Fabrics
Keywords: simulation modelling, terry fabric, deformation, finite element method, touch, softening

Abstract: The aim is to analyze the problems arising in geometry modelling and simulating the deformation behaviour of pile structure fabrics, as well as to propose different approaches for solving them. The SolidWorks CAD system has been used for fabrics geometry modelling, while the ANSYS Workbench software product, using the finite elements method, has been used for the simulation of its deformation behaviour. A concept has been created and simulation models have been developed for terry fabrics in different stages of processing. The models obtained are highly accurate in terms of geometry, but need some refinement of parameters determining the deformation behaviour. An analysis of the influence of these parameters has been made and some recommendations have been given as to the proper tuning of the model. The problems arising in modelling complex weaving structures and in simulating their deformation behaviour have been discussed.


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Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), vol. 1, issue 5, pp. 348-363, 2014, India, ISSN 3159-0040

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1. Диана Германова-Кръстева, Росица Стефанова, Определяне на обема на извадката при измерване на геометричните характеристики на нишки и тъкани чрез микроскопиране, XXIII НКМУ ЕМФ 2018, 17-20 септември 2018, Созопол, Сборник доклади, ISSN 1314-5371, стр. 363-371 - 2018 - в български издания

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