Autors: H, D. S., D, V. V., G, P. T.
Title: Experimental results on the use of flux concentrators in an IPT system
Keywords: inductive power transmission , wireless power transfer , mag

Abstract: The paper presents a critical evaluation of different approaches for designing the magnetic system of an inductive WPT (IPT). The common question that need to be addressed, early on, from the designer is will there be any benefits when the magnetic system includes a flux concentrator. This paper considers a FEA of a magnetic design with or without flux concentrators. The self-inductance is kept the same, so it can be applied to the designed power converter for the experimental results. Simulational data for the magnetic coupling, mutual inductance and the resulting magnetic field are given. Experimental verification of the results is also given, along with some additional comments on the influence the magnetic design has on electrical operation of the power converter.



    2018 20th International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies (SIELA), issue 20, pp. 3, 2018, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-1-5386-3419-6

    Copyright IEEE

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