Autors: Zhilevski, M. M., Mikhov, M. M.
Title: Optimization of the Drive System Choice for a Class of Drilling Machines
Keywords: Drilling machines, Drive system choice, Feed drives, Spindle drives, Methodology for drives selection

Abstract: In this paper are analyzed and formulated the basic requirements for the drive system of a class of modernized drilling machines. On this basis, a methodology for optimal choice of the feed and spindle drives is offered. The respective algorithm takes into account the specific features of the technological processes, the processed materials, the tools used and their wear, as well as the mechanical gear types. Examples with DC and AC motor drives for the coordinate axes and the spindle are presented, illustrating the practical application of the offered methodology. The research carried out and the results obtained can be used in the development of drive systems for the studied class of machine tools.



    EJECE, European Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, vol. 2, issue 6, pp. 12-16, 2018, Belgium, ISSN 2506-8016

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