Autors: Pleshkova, S. G., Kirechev, A. V.
Title: Influence of hardness and damping factor of porous material upon generated drum sound from impact of metal disk and metal plate
Keywords: drum sound effect, damping, internal loss, Hertz contact the

Abstract: Drum sound is a common source of noise in the industries. Noise generated by impact of two rigid objects with low internal losses is characterized by a high peak value and short duration. When two bodies collide, their kinetic energy transforms to another form of energy such as heat, plastic deformation, fracture and sound. In order to reduce the drum sound, contact surface material is investigated. The effects of materials with different properties and thickens are investigated here using the measurements carried out in laboratory conditions. Theoretical analysis of the discussed topic is reviewed in this paper but the calculation are not presented


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ETRAN, 2017, Serbia,

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