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Autors: Gieva, E. E., Brusev, T. S., Rusev, R. R., Angelov, G. V., Hristov, M. H.
Title: Investigation of Power Losses in Synchronous Buck
Keywords: Power losses, synchronous buck dc-dc

Abstract: In this paper a synchronous buck dc-dc converter with Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) for low power applications is presented and investigated in Cadence with a CMOS 0.35 μm technology. Power losses in the converter’s components are evaluated and analyzed. The results obtained show that the efficiency of the standard switching-mode buck dc-dc converter can be increased by about 3.6 % if ZVS technique is used.


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Proc. XXV International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2016, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 171-174, 2016, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5090-2882-5

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