Autors: Yordanka Vucheva., Georgi Kolev., Mariya Aleksandrova., Denishev, K. H.
Title: Comparison of the piezoelectric properties of single-layer and bilayer structures with thin films of PZT and ZnO in dynamic mode
Keywords: Keywords – PZT, ZnO, MEMS sensors, RF sputtering, piezoelectric thin films

Abstract: Abstract – In this paper the piezoelectric effect was investigated for two types of samples, consisting of piezoelectric thin films PZT and ZnO with potential application as energy harvesting microdevice. The layers are deposited by RF sputtering on flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates. Thermally evaporated aluminum (Al) films were used as bottom and top contacts. The piezoelectric reaction of the samples was measured by lab made experimental setup for dynamic mode. The generated piezoelectric charge was measured at different frequencies of the vibrations.



    50th International Scientific Conference On Information, Communication And Energy Systems And Technologies-ICEST 2015, 2015, Bulgaria,

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