Autors: Pleshkova, S. G., Nedkov Ts.
Title: Modeling of 3D Impedance Tube with a Complex Termination Impedance using Finite Element Method
Keywords: Impedance tube, 3D modelling, Finite element method, Complex

Abstract: Impedance tubes are used to measure the acoustic impedance of a sound absorbing material and are essentially one-dimensional wave guides, with a source at one end and the acoustic load – typically the test sample of the absorptive material – placed at the other end. There are two common methods by which the impedance of the material is measured in an impedance tube. The first involves a moveable microphone that traverses the length of the tube. This method is the older and arguably simpler of the two methods but is slow. The second method is known as the “two-microphone” or “transfer function” method and will be the focus of the method employed in this section. In this study will be modeled a 3D impedance tube with a complex termination using finite element method software and the results will be compared with experimental data.


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, 2015, Albania,

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