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Autors: Petkov, P. H., Kralev, J. K., Slavov, T. N.
Title: Design and implementation of robust control laws
Keywords: Robust control; Real time control; Embedded systems; Digital Signal Processors

Abstract: This paper is devoted to various issues related to the design and practical implementation of high order robust control laws. We consider derivation of plant uncertainty models us- ing analytical or identification procedures, implementation of different schemes for μ -synthesis, choice of weighting filters and controller order reduction. Additional important problems arising in the framework of embedded control systems, like removing the sensor drifts, generation of control code from Simulink R and effect of single precision arithmetic on the controller stability, are discussed in some details. As a case study we present the robust control of two-wheeled robot using μ -controller of order 30. The experimental results confirm that the closed-loop system achieves both robust stability and robust performance in respect to the uncertainties related to the identification of robot model.


    ECMS2015, pp. 6-18, 2015, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-0-9932440-0-1

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