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Autors: Dimitrova, A. K.
Keywords: : large dataset, out-of-core visualization, spatial data structures, model simplification, level of detail, cashing and prefetching.

Abstract: The visualization of large datasets at interactive rates has been a great challenge for decades. As a result a lot of approaches have been used and a lot of techniques have been developed. The presented article tries to summarize the main approaches. First, a definition of the term “large data” is given and the need of out-of-core techniques is explained. Then, the approach known as Spatialization is discussed. The article focuses on the meaning and the types of the so called Level Of Details (LODs) as well as on the caching and prefetching using the real interactive visualization system, called iWalk for illustrations. In the end some additional techniques for graphics pipeline optimization are mentioned.


    Computer Engineering, 2014, Bulgaria,

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