Autors: Punov, P. B., Perilhon C., Danel Q., Lacour S., Descombes G., Podevin P., Evtimov T.
Title: Development of 0D simulational model for Rankine-Hirn cycle heat exchanger optimisation
Keywords: heat exchanger, Rankin-Hirn, waste heat recovery, simulation

Abstract: The article presents a 0D model development of the heat exchanger intended for a Rankine-Hirn cycle waste heat recovery system in internal combustion engines. The heat transfer in the exchanger was estimated as the volume was separated by small elements. For each of the elements the heat transfer was calculated depends on the temperature variation, surface of the transfer and total heat transfer coefficient. An estimation code based on the model was developed in Python. CoolProp simulation code was used for working fluid parameters determination. Numerical estimation of the heat transfer was presented with different working fluids at the most commonly used operating point of a tractor engine. Finally, a study of the working fluid mass flow rate effect on heat transfer effectiveness was conducted as water was used into the Rankine-Hirn cycle.


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Scientific Conference BulTrans-2014, pp. 142-148, 2014, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-955X

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