Autors: Pachedjieva, B. K., Grigorova, T. G.
Title: Investigation of the influence of the inertia of the photon counting system on the acceptance accuracy in photon counting mode
Keywords: Space Laser Communication Systems, photon counting mode

Abstract: A methodology for determining the minimum distance, ensuring a connection with a negligible influence of the inertia of the photon counting system, is proposed. An algorithm for applying the methodology has been developed. A numerical estimate of the discussed minimum distance for the two types of inertia of the photon counting system was made using data typical for Space Laser Communication Systems. Numerical examples illustrated by graphic material have been shown.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 2980, issue 1, 2024, Bulgaria, AIP Publishing, DOI 10.1063/5.0184108

    Copyright AIP Publishing

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