Autors: Slavova, A., Zafirova, Z. Z.
Title: Modeling and Simulation of Interaction of Fluxons via CNN
Keywords: fluxons,modified Sine-Gordon equation, interaction of fluxon

Abstract: This paper deals with interaction of fluxons. Usually fluxons arise in the well-known Josephson Junction (JJ) which is used in many applications in superconductor electronics, as for example in THz radiation. We shall study the modification of Sine-Gordon equation which is used for the investigation of fluxons. We shall model interaction of fluxons from the point of view of CNN. Multiple Sine-Gordon equations will be investigated. Extensive simulations will be presented.



    ANNA '18; Advances in Neural Networks and Applications 2018, 2018, Bulgaria, VDE, ISBN ISBN: 978-3-8007-4756-6

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