Autors: L, L. N., Nedyalkov P. N., V, D. C.
Title: Influence of the sheet metal quality over the characteristics for the main girder at bridge crane applications
Keywords: bridge crane; girder; simulation; triangular distribution

Abstract: The presented paper deals with simulation research of the probability density function of geometrical characteristics for main girder of one bridge crane. The bridge crane is represented through idealized calculation model of main girder witch is sheet material thickness relevant. The quality characteristics for the main girder is developed with material sheet thickness probability density function, cumulative density function and its inverse function. The functional dependence between parameters are revealed with triangular probability density function. Relevance between sheet metal thickness and cumulative density function for sectional inertial moment and girder stiffness is done with Monte-Carlo simulations.


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MTSM2023 International conference “Mechanical Technologies and Structural Materials” Split, 21-22.09.2023, vol. 1, issue 60, pp. 181-188, 2023, Croatia, CROATIAN SOCIETY FOR MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGIES, Croatia, ISSN 1847-7917

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