Autors: Deneva, M. A., Nenchev M N.
Title: Utilization of Pure Glass Composite Interference Wedged Structures as Highly Efficient Light Beam Splitters
Keywords: pure glass, interference wedged structure, high efficiency,

Abstract: We present a developed approach for analysis and optimization of new, pure glass light beam splitters as instrumentation, especially for high intensity laser beam splitting. The method is based on our previously introduced Composed Interference Wedged Structures. The linear division from 100% to 10% is performed via sliding a plate splitter in a range of 50 mm. Among the advantages of the method are no change of direction of the formed beams, no polarization requirements, low losses, maintenance.


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, pp. 1 - 6, 2022, Bulgaria, Sozopol, DOI 10.1109/ET55967.2022.9920312 ; ISBN:978-1-6654-9878-4

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