Autors: BLANUSA, V B., Sovilj-Nikic, S S-N., SOVILJ, B S., Kandeva, M. K., KALITCHIN, Zh. K., Gavanski, D G.
Title: Influence of different types of substrate on the risk of injury in the working environment
Keywords: tribology, sliding friction coefficient, slipping, work inju

Abstract: During the production of the product, the executant is exposed to the danger of injuries in the working environment. Injuries at work due to slipping are presented as the biggest cause of injuries at work. Injuries caused by slipping, in addition to health complications, require unplanned economic problems such as high hospital costs, medical recovery from injuries, payment of compensation, etc. The paper investigates the influence of the sliding friction coefficient of certain materials on the possibility of injuries at work due to slipping of employees. Based on the obtained research results, a recommendation was given for the selection of materials for making floors in order to reduce injuries in the working environment, i.e. increase the personal safety of employees and reduce the financial costs of the employer.



    Journal of environmental protection and ecology, vol. 23, issue 8, pp. 3291-3302, 2022, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd, ISBN ISSN 1311-5065

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