Autors: Spasov, V. K., Hadzhiev, I. S., Kostov, I. Y.
Title: Implementation of a novel force computation method in the FEMM software
Keywords: Finite element method, electromagnetic force, nodal force me

Abstract: A novel force computation method is implemented in the Finite Element Method Magnetics software - the nodal force method. For this purpose supplementary code is developed in C++ and added to the FEMM source code. In addition to force computation, the extended version of FEMM enables also force visualization that was not possible until now. To demonstrate the capabilities of the extended version of FEMM, the forces of three models are computed and visualized – two current-carrying copper busbars, an AlNiCo permanent magnet with steel core and a benchmark non-linear dc electromagnet. A comparison is made between the newly implemented nodal force method and the available Maxwell’s stress tensor method from the viewpoint of accuracy and visualization capabilities.



    Journal of the Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, “Fundamental Sciences and Applications”, vol. 24, pp. 75-80, 2018, Bulgaria, Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, ISBN ISSN 1314-5258

    Copyright Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch

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