Autors: Stoilova, S. D.
Title: A New Aggregated Multi-Criteria Approach for Evaluation of the Autonomous Metro Systems’ Performance in the European Countries
Keywords: autonomous metro; BWM; cluster analysis; COPRAS; EDAS; Hurwi

Abstract: The present study aims to create groups of symmetrical autonomous metro lines that are united by common features. An integrated six-step methodology which proposes a new aggregated approach for multi-criteria evaluation of fully autonomous metro systems was proposed.The Shannon Entropy method and Best Worst method were applied to determine the criteria weights.Three approaches were studied: distance-based, utility-based and outranking approaches. 20 fully autonomous metro systems in European countries were selected as alternatives. Тhe verification of the results was performed by applying cluster analysis. Four clearly formed groups of autonomous metro were proposed. The novelty of this study and its main advantage entails the elaboration of a new aggregated approach of multi-criteria methods, evaluation of the autonomous metro systems’ performance and determination for the groups of symmetrical autonomous lines in European countries.



    Symmetry, vol. 2022, issue 14, pp. 34, 2022, Switzerland, MDPI, DOI 10.3390/sym14102025

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