Autors: Pleshkova, S. g.
Title: Perception of Audio Visual Information for Mobile Robot Motion Control Systems
Keywords: Audio visual object tracking; Audio visual perception; Human

Abstract: Motion is the main characteristic of intelligent mobile robots. There exist a lot of methods and algorithms for mobile robots motion control. These methods are based on different principles, but the results from these methods must leads to one final goal—to provide a precise mobile robot motion control with clear orientation in the area of robot perception and observation. First, in the proposed chapter the mobile robot audio and visual systems with the corresponding audio (microphone array) and video (mono, stereo or thermo cameras) sensors, accompanied with laser rangefinder sensor, are outlined. The audio and video information captured from the sensors is used in the perception audio visual model proposed to perform joint processing of audio visual information and to determine the current mobile robot position (current space coordinates) in the area of robot perception and observation. The captured from audio visual sensors information is estimated with the suitable algorithms deve


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Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015., vol. 75, pp. Pages 135 - 167, 2015, Switzerland, Springer Nature, ISBN ISSN:1868-4394E-ISSN:1868-4408

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