Autors: Kukuca, P., Barta, D., Labuda, R., Gechev, T. M.
Title: Engine with unconventional crank mechanism FIK1
Keywords: combustion engine, unconventional crank mechanism, kinematic

Abstract: The geometry and kinematics of unconventional engine mechanism FIK1 are described in the paper. Transformation of the piston linear movement to rotational movement is done by a swinging board, a baseboard and a crankshaft. The paper describes the trajectory and acceleration of an observed point on the swinging board in all three planes as well as the kinematics of the piston movement. The principle of the unconventional mechanism FIK1 is protected by patents No. 283742 and No. 283743. A mathematical model of the mechanism and some significant results are presented.


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MATEC Web Conf., vol. 244, pp. 03004, 2018, Slovakia, EDP Sciences, DOI 10.1051/matecconf/201824403004

Copyright EDP Sciences

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