Autors: Mishkov, R. L., Petrov, V. S.
Title: Nonlinear adaptive observer design in combined error nonlinear adaptive control
Keywords: nonlinear adaptive observers, nonlinear adaptive systems, parameter estimators.

Abstract: The paper deals with the design of nonlinear adaptive observers and parameter estimators in adaptive observer canonical form. The closed loop system nonlinear adaptive control law is designed by the combined error adaptive control approach. The nonlinear adaptive observer is designed in the adaptive observer canonical form. The parameter estimator is Lyapunov stable. The proposed approach is applied to an inverted pendulum driven by salient-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor. The closed loop adaptive system time responses are simulated for illustration.



    Seventh National Conference with International Participation "Process Automation in the Food and Biotechnology Industries", 2013 / Scientific Works "Food Science, Engineering and Technologies 2013", Vol. LX, No. 2, vol. LX, issue 2, pp. 95 – 99, 2013, Bulgaria, UFT Academic Publishing House, Plovdiv, ISBN ISSN 1314-7102

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