Autors: Mishkov, R. L., Petrov, V. S.
Title: Nonlinear adaptive observers in adaptive tuning functions tracking control
Keywords: nonlinear systems, adaptive control, adaptive observers, adaptive parameter estimators, Lyapunov stability.

Abstract: Abstract: The paper presents a nonlinear adaptive closed loop system design with nonlinear adaptive state and parameter observers and tuning functions based nonlinear adaptive control for trajectory tracking. The closed loop nonlinear adaptive system is asymptotically stable with respect to the tracking and state estimation errors and Lyapunov stable for the parameters estimation errors. This is achieved by a nonlinear damping technique. An advantage of the approach is that the overdamped performance of the closed loop nonlinear adaptive system is guaranteed in its whole range of operation. The approach is applied to a permanent magnet synchronous motor driven inverted pendulum for illustration.



    International Conference АUTOMATICS AND INFORMATICS’2013, PROCEEDINGS, pp. I-289 – I-292, 2013, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1313-1850

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