Autors: Mishkov, R. L., Darmonski, S. G.
Title: Exact parameter estimation without persistent excitation in nonlinear adaptive control systems
Keywords: adaptive control, exact parameter estimation, Lyapunov stabi

Abstract: The paper presents a new general approach for exact unknown parameter estimation in nonlinear adaptive control systems, without imposing the persistent excitation requirement. The proposed approach modifies the basic adaptive parameter estimator dynamics and is based on a generalization of the prediction error concept and the introduction of the stable data accumulation concept. The modified estimator dynamics is of least-squares type and the resulting closed loop adaptive system is asymptotically stable with respect to the tracking and parameter estimation errors. This property is achieved by controlling the rank of the data accumulation matrices. The advantage of the new approach is the exact parameter estimation achieved in one transient response without using the standard excitation techniques. The approach is applied to a DC motor driven inverted pendulum for illustration.



    Seventh National Conference with International Participation "Process Automation in the Food and Biotechnology Industries", 2013 / Scientific Works "Food Science, Engineering and Technologies 2013", Vol. LX, No. 2, vol. LX, issue 2, pp. 100 – 106, 2013, Bulgaria, UFT Academic Publishing House, Plovdiv, ISBN ISSN 1314-7102

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