Autors: Nenkov, VN., Grozdev, SI., Velchev, A. P., Alashka, RM., Stefanov, ST., Haimov, HM.
Title: Two Mappings of a Tetrad of Points and the Transformations of Noticeable Points Generated by Them
Keywords: Noticeable Points, Tetrad of Points, Transformations of Noti

Abstract: We study a set of transformations of remarkable points of a triangle. It is generated by a mapping of four points in the plane of a given ΔABC on the set of the triangles in that plane. The image of any tetrad of points by this mapping is a triangle perspective to ΔABC. We also consider the transformation of the four points onto a corresponding perspector. It generates various transformations of notable points, most of which are compositions of known mappings.



    American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, pp. 060002, 2022, United States, AIP Publishing

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