Autors: Nenkov, VN., Grozdev, SI., Velchev, A. P., Alashka, RM., Stefanov, ST., Haimov, HM.
Title: Configurations of Pedal Circles of an Arbitrary Point in the Plane of a Polygon (Continuation)
Keywords: polygon, pedal circles, Simpson's circles

Abstract: Here we consider the mutual disposition of the pedal circles corresponding to an arbitrary point in the plane of an inscribed hexagon, with respect to a part of the triangles formed by the hexagon‘s sides and diagonals. Previously we have defined the Simpson circle of an arbitrary pentagon. Here we prove that the Simpson circles of the six pentagons, formed by connecting each five among the six vertices of the inscribed hexagon, intersect at one point. Along the way, we establish an interesting property of the Simpson circle of an inscribed pentagon.



    American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, pp. 060001, 2022, United States, AIP Publishing

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