Autors: Kula А., Georgieva А., Ruzhekov, G. T.
Title: Modeling and Control of Rectification Column
Keywords: Multidisciplinary system, rectification, control system, PLC

Abstract: Paper introduces modeling and control of rectification column. The modeling of process is important part of engineering, because it gives an overview of dynamics of the process. In chemical industry most of the processes are involved in purifying liquids. One way to purify liquids is to use rectification process. Rectification process is multiple distillation. Multidisciplinary system is being created for modeling and control of rectification process by desired product. The plant is realized in MATLAB. For this purp ose, is created software in AppDesigner. Simulation of process is made in Simulink and after that the parameters of the process are transferred to PLC system. The control system uses an industrial controller and SCADA system. In this work are realized two ways of control for rectifying process – PID and PID with decoupler matrix. Communication between the two products (MATLAB and PLC/SCADA) is created through industrial protocol – MODBUS. Programmer logic controller (PLC)



    PROCEEDINGS OF THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOFIA, ISSN: 2738-8549, VOL. 72, NO. 2, YEAR 2022, pp. 12-18, 2022, Bulgaria, ТУ - София, ISSN 2738-8549

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