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Submitting Your Paper

Manuscripts are collected all the time during the year, in the template provided on the Proceedings’ website, and compatible with the templates used in the IEEE journals. Each manuscript should be up to 8 pages and contain information about the authors, abstract, keywords, clearly separated (with subheadings) introductory part, the actual part with the methods used, possibly an experiment or a numerical example, final part with a description of the scientific contributions, acknowledgment, and references.

The Proceedings uses an internal university system “e-University platform of the Technical University – Sofia to manage the peer-review process. If you haven't submitted a paper to this journal before, you will need to create an account by click on the word "Registration". Please read the guidelines given in Section Instruction for Authors and then submit your manuscript
by click on the word "Login". The manuscripts submitted electronically are distributed by the Editor-in-Chief to the Associate Editors, who are responsible for the selection of reviewers and for the reviewer reports in the corresponding thematic areas. Each manuscript is reviewed by two independent reviewers. In case of inconsistent review results, Associate editors may invite additional reviewers. When preparing revised versions of their manuscripts, the authors have to mark in a different color in the texts the corrections made, according to the remarks and recommendations of the reviewers. Also, at the end of each revised manuscript, the authors have to provide a response to all remarks and/or recommendations of each reviewer. This will greatly facilitate the work of the reviewers and improve the quality of the published papers.
The final decision to publish is made by the Editor-in-Chief. Moreover, the Proceedings of the Technical University of Sofia is an internationally renowned peer-reviewed journal with rapid-communication, that returns a response to the authors regarding the publication of original research papers within two weeks.

If you are submitting files in LaTeX format, please convert them to Adobe Acrobat PDF format beforehand. After that, you will also need to upload your LaTeX source files with the PDF file as a ZIP archive.

Please note that the Proceedings of the Technical University of Sofia uses Crossref™ to check the papers for unoriginal material. By submitting your paper to the Proceedings of the Technical University of Sofia you are agreeing to originality checks during the peer-review and production processes.

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