2 - 5 June 2022

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Prof. DSc Emil Nikolov, PhD., professeur des Universités en Automatique: full professor at the Faculty of Automatics at Technical Univeristy of Sofia December'1975-February'2020 and professor at the Faculté d'Automatique of ESIEE and at the Faculté de Science Appliquée of the Université d'Artois France 2000-2020; prepared and conducted training courses in 38 academic disciplines in FA and FFOE of TU-Sofia and Université d’Artois; led by over 300 successfully defended graduates and 14 successfully defended doctoral students in PN 5.2 "Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation" of TU-Sofia and the Université d’Artois, France; author and co-author of more than 640 scientific papers (including 480 scientific publications; 55 books and textbooks in Bulgarian and French; 5 inventions; 24 works implemented in industry, etc.) in the field of generalized fractional calculus, fractal, robust and algebraic control, some of which can be found in full on
Plenary speech topic: Control Algorithms with Fractional Order Operators,- Configuration, Characteristics, Setting Parameters, Design

Assoc. Prof. Teofana Puleva, PhD
Affiliation: Department of Systems and Control Engineering, Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Research Interest: Dynamic Systems Modeling and Simulation; Advanced control methods and algorithms for industrial processes; Control of renewable energy sources, Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty
Teofana Puleva was born in 1957. She graduated with honors in Automatics and Telemechanics from Technical University of Sofia in 1979, and Applied Mathematics in 1980. She started her professional experience as an Engineer at Research and Development Institute for Power Engineering. Since 1989 shehas been with the Faculty of Automatics, TU-Sofia. Currently she is a Chair of the Department of Systems and Control Engineering. Her research interest comprises modelling and control of industrial processes in power engineering. She has been a project leader of many research, academic and industrial projects, some of which are: Advanced control methods and algorithms for industrial processes, Bilateral research project with a team from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava; Power control of renewable energy sources operating in  power limited energy system, a research project with the Ministry of Education and Science, National Science Fund; Modeling environment for renewable energy sources operation in power limited energy system – Development of scientific infrastructure, Joint research project with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,  supported by Ministry of Education and Science, National Science Fund; participation in several  projects in the field of hydro power engineering control.

Plenary speech topic: Discrete Wiener filter Application in Wind turbine control

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