XXVII International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2018

13 - 15 September 2018

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image001.gif Paper Preparation Template

PDF.png IEEE copyright form


IEEE requires all publications to be submitted to a plagiarism detection process prior to being uploaded to  IEEE Xplore to ensure originality of the content.

Papers can be uploaded for reviewing to the Conference submission system in PDF format only.

Please use the IEEE PDF eXpress site to convert the final version of your paper to PDF after July 31, 2018.



IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to IEEE conferences, allowing their authors to convert DOC files to PDFs.

First-time IEEE PDF eXpress users should do the following:

  1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site.
  2. Click the "New Users - Click here" link.
  3. Enter the following:
  • Conference ID: 44934XP
  • Email Address: your email address
  • Confirm Email Address: your email address
  • Choose a password: your password

An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

  1. Continue to enter information as prompted.
  2. Upload your DOC file to IEEE PDF eXpress and download the converted PDF version (in a couple of minutes).
  3. The new PDF file should contain the phrase "Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress at [date_and_time_of_conversion]" in the Document propreties Application field
  4. Upload the PDF to the Conference submission system as your final version after reviewing.


IEEE PDF eXpress is not a manuscript-collection system and does not replace the conference's submission system. Once authors verify that they have IEEE Xplore-compatible versions of their manuscripts, they will still need to upload the files to the Conference Management System.

Poster preparation

The available poster area is in format A0 (840 X 1188).
The title of the paper, the authors, the main problems, the achievements and conclusions have to be explained in the poster using text, equations, graphics and pictures.
During the poster sessions the authors have to present their work very shortly in front of the audience: 2-5 slides, within 1-2 minutes. The questions and discussions will be continued at the poster panels.

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