Autors: Tseneva, R., Slavtchev, Y., Mastorakis, N., Mladenov, V. M.
Title: New Design of Aluminum Bolted Busbar Connections
Keywords: aluminium bolted busbar, models, reliability

Abstract: The work reported describes how introducing a new design (slotted hole shape, slots, ending with small holes or groups of small holes around the bolt holes) in high power aluminum bolted busbar connections increases significantly the true contact area and therefore reduces contact resistance. The new designs, formally called S, SH and G type are compared with the classical one of bolted busbar connections by the help of computer models. It has been estimated that the new cases lead to a considerable rise of contact pressure and penetration and improve reliability and life of the connection. Additionally, contact material influence is investigated.



    Proceedings of the 13th WSEAS International Conference on CIRCUITS, pp. 172-177, 2009, Greece, WSEAS

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