Autors: Pitchurov, G. T., Gromke C., Denev J.A., Galeazzo, F.C.C.
Title: Validation study for Large-Eddy Simulation of Forest Flow
Keywords: large-eddy, forest flow

Abstract: The publication presents Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) of flow over a reduced-scale wind tunnel model of a forest canopy. The wind tunnel forest was represented by an open-porous foam material for the crown layer and wooden dowels for the trunk layer. The forest model was installed in the open test section of a Goettingen-type wind tunnel and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements were made for the acquisition of the flow field data. The numerical simulations were performed with OpenFOAM®. The forest was modelled by an additional sink term in the momentum transport equations based on the leaf area density and a characteristic drag coefficient for the underlying tree specimen. Large-eddy simulations with different subgrid-scale (SGS) turbulence models were carried out and compared to wind tunnel data. The Smagorinsky SGS model outperformed the dynamic Lagrangian SGS model in the windward edge region, whereas the dynamic Lagrangian SGS model showed a better performance further down.



    25th Scientific Conference on Power Engineering and Power Machines (PEPM’2020), vol. 207, 2020, Bulgaria, E3S Web of Conferences,

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