Autors: Tabov, JB., Velchev, A. P.
Title: Computer-aided Graphical Solving of Equations of the Form f(x)=g(x)
Keywords: Graphical Solving of Equations, CAS

Abstract: One important disadvantage of most of the graphical methods for solving equations by a computer is that the computer screen shows only a part of the co-ordinate plane. Therefore in the general case we obtain incomplete information about the number and the distribution of the intersection points of the graphs (of F(x) with the abscissa for equations of the form F(x)=0 and of f(x) with g(x) for equations of the form f(x)=g(x)). Here we suggest an approach, which makes it possible to eliminate this disadvantage for a limited (but large enough for the school level) set of functions f(x) and g(x). It provides the opportunity of creating effective didactic technologies for graphical solving and exploring of equations, including parametric ones, by dynamic geometry software (DGS) like GEONExT (version 1.71) - see [1] or GeoGebra (Geo-Gebra_3_0_0_0_Release_Candidate_1) [2], [3].



    Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica, pp. 153-160, 2010, Italy, Department of Mathematics, University of Palermo

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