Autors: Vassileva, B. V.
Title: Is online teaching and learning "distant" to students and how the tuition in digital environment affects learners'self-perception of their own engagement in the educational process?
Keywords: students’ self-perception of engagement in online learning, skills, participation, affective aspect of learning, performance

Abstract: During the prolonged periods of emergency online tuition due to the Covid-19 pandemic, both instructors and students at the Technical University of Sofia have had to cope with the issues of working efficiently in the digital environment. As student engagement and motivation are of crucial importance when learning online, where students can often feel isolated and disconnected, instructors should be aware of their learners’ self-perception of engagement in the study process, in order to be able to respond adequately to their needs in terms of teaching approaches and course design. Using the OSE scale of M. Dixson to carry out a survey of student’s self-perception of engagement in learning in the digital environment, the author reports the collected results, concerning the four aspects of student engagement – skills, participation, emotion and performance. The analysis of the data can be of use when considering students’ feedback in order to make appropriate modifications to course desi



    , 2022, Bulgaria, Технически университет - София, ISSN 2683-0876

    Вид: публикация в национален форум с межд. уч.