Autors: Georgiev, K. G., Katsarova, P. C., Chopov, I. N.
Title: Experimental study of surface roughness on a processed detail of tungsten carbide by using a grinding device on a diamond turning machine
Keywords: experimental, study, diamond turning, grinding, tungsten car

Abstract: Experimental studies of the roughness parameter for the processing of tungsten carbide by grinding of a diamond turning machine are presented. A grinding tool is used with a tool made of diamond powder and resin. The device is part of the equipment of the Moore Nanotech 350FG machine. After the initial measurements are made, two contactless measurements are made as well, via an integrated measuring system to the processing machine and via a three-dimensional optical profilemeter - Zygo NewView 3D Optical Surface Profiler and Laser Interferometer – ZygoVerifire respectively. According to the defined cutting modes, roughness parameters of the workpiece have been achieved with values for Ra of 3 to 9nm.



    IJIET, 2018, India, ISBN ISSN: 2319-1058

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