Autors: Dimitrov, D. T., Petrova, A . P.
Title: Influence and image of the UHF electromagnetic filed on the human body
Keywords: live tissues, microwave, electromagnetic field

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to visualize the influence of ultra high frequency electric field and in particular the wave of meter range beyond the human. Effects of electromagnetic fields on living cells depend on the frequency. The researches and the results are made at frequencies in the range of 20-30 MHz, because in the therapy with ultra-high frequencies, these frequencies and wavelengths are the most efficient and allowing for much deeper action and better controlability of intensity of the warming. In this way, we are receiving more effective treatment beyond the patient. During the researches are used two different electrodes - capacitive and inductive, with different sizes, different placement of the electrodes and a visualization of the lines of force on the field to the placement and the size. The achieved results are applied to observed the penetration of highfrequency electromagnetic fields in our body and its positive impact on the treatment of certain diseases.


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International Conference CEMA'13 "Communication, Electromagnetics and Medical Application", vol. 1, issue 1, 2013, Albania, Sofia, King, ISSN 1314-2100

Вид: публикация в международен форум