Autors: Dimitrov, D. T., Petrova, A.P.
Title: Propagation of microwave electromagnetic filed in live tissues
Keywords: propagation, live tissues, electromagnetic field, microwave

Abstract: Effects of electromagnetic fields on living cells depend on the frequency. The purpose of this article is to show the influence of the microwaves and in particular the wave of the decimetre range beyond the human. The performed studies showed that more effective treatment we have, when the frequencies are very high in the range of 2-3 GHz. These frequencies and wavelengths are the most efficient and allowing for much deeper action and better controlability of intensity of the warming. Electromagnetic waves of this range are well defined optical properties and can guide and reflect. Studies were made with dipole antennas with hemispherical or semi-cylindrical reflectors of different sizes and in various locations. The achieved results are applied to observed the penetration of microwave electromagnetic fields in our body and its positive impact on the treatment of certain diseases.


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International Conference"Communication, Electromagnetics and medical Application

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