Autors: Iankov Rumen., Sergisova, A. S., Dacheva Maria., Kamburov, v. K., Nikolov, A. N.
Title: Use of Instrumented Indentation Technique for Mechanical Characterization of Pure Aluminium Subjected to Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
Keywords: instrumented indentation test (IIT), severe plastic deformation, indentation hardness, indentation modulus

Abstract: Equal channel angular pressing (extrusion) is one of the techniques applied to produce ultra-fine grained nanocrystalline structured metals and alloys. This fine-grained nanocrystalline structure is obtained by imposing severe plastic strain to the bulk material. In this study sample probes of pure aluminum were collected from different stages of the extrusion process and prepared for being examined via nanoindentation. A series of nanoindentation tests was conducted for assessing the change of the mechanical characteristics of pure aluminum due to the undergone plastic deformation. As a results of the nanoindentation tests indentation hardness and indentation modulus were obtained. The experimental results show that the mechanical properties depend strongly on the microstructure evolution during the equal channel angular extrusion. Investigation was made by means of nanoindentation experiments using Nanoindenter G200 (Agilent Technologies).



    Comptes rendus de l’Academie bulgare des Sciences, vol. volume 68, pp. 647, 2015, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1310–1331 (Print), ISSN 2367–5535 (Online)

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