Autors: Kamburov, V. K.
Title: Double Equal Channel Angular Extrusion using Two Rotating Rolls
Keywords: Severe Plastic Deformation, Double Equal Channel Angular Extrusion, ECAE Conform process, CAD/CAE software 3D simulation

Abstract: In this work was investigated the possibility of performing Double Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (DECAE R2D2) with two deformation SPD zones with multidirectional shear deformation, realized using two grooved rolls - feeding and output, connected by a common extrusion channel. Variant solutions of the DECAE R2D2 process at three extrusion angles of 90О, 120О and 135О are analysed with respect to the distribution of strains in the two deformation zones. The distribution of the workability parameter at SPD in the two deformation zones was determined at the two larger extrusion angles at which smaller effective strains are realized.



    International conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development HiTECH 2021, vol. HiTECH 2021, October 2021, pp. 138, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI: 10.1109/HiTech53072.2021.9614221

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