Autors: Dimitrov A. D., Dimitrov, K. L.
Title: Method for design of system for magnetotherapy using “running” random low
Keywords: magnetotherapy low frequency magnetic field

Abstract: The systems for magnetotherapy, which use running low frequency magnetic field are new generation of systems for magnetotherapy. It is well known that familiarization of patients with parameters of external influence is a big disadvantage of systems for physiotherapy. This problem can be avoided in systems for low frequency magnetic field by running of this field around the human body. The possibility for simultaneously influence of low frequency magnetic field on different part of the human body is one additional advantage of systems for magnetotherapy, using moving magnetic field. The basic requirements and method for design of above mentioned system for magnetotherapy is described in the paper.


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CEMA'13, vol. 1, 2013, Bulgaria, King, ISSN 1314-2100

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