Autors: Spasova, M. L., Angelov, G. V., Hristov, M. H.
Title: Overview of Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors
Keywords: CNTFET, nanotube, nanowire

Abstract: An overview of the different types of nanowire MOSFETs which have large potential to semiconductor industry and microelectronic systems is presented. The present paper is focused on the type of nanowire FETs with carbon nanotube (CNT), Silicon (Si), Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Indium Arsenide (InAs), Indium Oxide (In2O3), Gallium Antimonide (GaSb), Gallium Nitride (GaN) channel. The current paper presents the structure and technology of the various types of Nano Wire MOSFET.


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Journal of the Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv Branch, vol. 19, issue 1, pp. 161 - 166, 2013, Bulgaria, ISSN 1310-8271

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