Autors: Gospodinova, E. G.
Title: Technologies for the Introduction of Digitalized Cultural Heritage to Visually Impaired People
Keywords: Digital Resources, Cultural Heritage, Visually Impaired People

Abstract: This paper presents the place of technologies and digitalization for the creation of an opportunity for visual impaired people to become acquainted with the cultural heritage not only as text and as sound but also images. A concept for hardware realization of graphic tactile display is outlined based on a technology using tactile actuators bi-stable, solenoids and PIC based control board. The selected algorithm for series activation of each row of display allows using minimal number of active components to set and reset the solenoids and make possible the representation of an image, described additionally through text to sound readings of an object description.



    International Conference Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, 2019, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-4006

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