Autors: Yordanova, S. T., Merazchiev D., Mladenov, V. M.
Title: Fuzzy control of carbon dioxide concentration in premises
Keywords: Carbon dioxide concentration control, fuzzy logic controller

Abstract: The carbon dioxide concentration in rooms with varying number of people is an important safety and comfort factor. Its control via ventilation is accompanied by two drawbacks - the increased energy consumption and dependence on the quality of the fresh air used. Fuzzy logic can ensure energy efficient control of the carbon dioxide concentration. The aim of the present research is to develop a design procedure for fuzzy logic controllers (FLC), to apply it to a laboratory HVAC system and to assess its performance in real time experimentation. The main results are a design procedure for two structures of FLCs – with and without reference, real time investigation of the designed systems and comparison of their performances.



    Recent Advances in Systems Science, pp. 269-273, 2013, Greece, ISBN ISBN: 978-960-474-314-8

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