Autors: Kandeva, M. K., D. Karastoyanov., Assenova E., K. Jakimovska., S. Simeonov., A. Vencl.
Title: The Influence of the Valena MetalPlating Additive on Tribotechnical Characteristics of the Steel–Bronze Tribological System
Keywords: coefficient of friction, contact temperature, lubricant, Val

Abstract: The paper considers a change in the coefficient of friction and the temperature distribution in the contact zone of the steel–bronze tribosystem. Investigations were carried out by the shaft–bushing system for three values of the load in the mixedtoboundary lubrication regime with SAE 80W transmission oil without and with Valena additive. It is found that the additive presence in oil decreases the coefficient of friction by 11–21%, depending on the applied load. At the same time, the maximum decrease in the coefficient of friction is observed at a maximum applied load of 1500 N.



    Journal of Friction and Wear, vol. 37, issue 2, pp. 238-243, 2016, Belarus, Minsk, Allerton Press, DOI: 10.3103/S1068366616020082

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