Autors: Vencl A., Veljko Šljivić,., Pokusová M., Kandeva, M. K., Hong Guang Sun., Elena Zadorozhnaya., Ilija Bobić.
Title: Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Zn-Al/Ti Metal-Metal Composites Reinforced with Alumina Nanoparticles
Keywords: tribology, zinc-aluminium alloy, tribological properties, ti

Abstract: The investigated metal-metal composites were produced by the compocasting process using the standard zinc-aluminium alloy ZA-27 as a matrix and titanium microparticles (particle size approx. 10 μm) as a secondary phase. The amount of Ti microparticles was 1 and 2 wt%. Small amount (0.5 wt%) of alumina nanoparticles (particle size 20–30 nm) is also used, as reinforcement. The aim of the presented research was to evaluate the possibility of producing such composites, as well as to see the effect of the addition of Ti microparticles and/or alumina nanoparticles on their microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties. Microstructure and worn surfaces analysis were performed by scanning electron microscope, and mechanical properties were analysed through the Vickers microhardness values. Tribological properties were determined on tribometer with line contact, under mixed lubrication conditions.



    International Journal of Metalcasting, vol. 15, pp. 1402–1411, 2021, Belgium, Springer International Publishing, /

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