Autors: Kostadinov, G.K., Danailov, P. D., Dimitrova, R. D., Kandeva, M. K., Penyashki, T.P., Kamburov, V. K., Nikolov, A. N., Elenkov Bl.
Title: Surface topography and roughness parameters of electrospark coatings on titanium and nickel alloys
Keywords: Electrospark deposition, coatings, roughness, carbide materi

Abstract: This paper examines the topography and roughness of coatings of hard alloyed materials deposited by electrospark deposition (ESD) on titanium and nickel alloys with different initial roughness. The influence of the electrode materials and the energy parameters of the ESD process on the roughness parameters Ra, Rt, Rq, Rz, Rmax, on the depth of waviness Wt, the asymmetry Rsk, the excess Rku, on the depth of core roughness Rk and the depth of the reduced picks roughness Rpk was established. The conditions for ESD are indicated, under which the traces of the previous treatment are erased and the characteristics of the initial substrate surface are improved. The numerical values of the roughness parameters for electrospark coatings from five types of hard alloys and one type of TiB2 based electrode with nanosized additives have been established.



    Applied Engineering Letters, vol. 6, issue 3, pp. 89-98, 2021, Belgium,

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