Autors: Lelcheva M., Serbezov, V. S.
Title: Recent Studies On Alternative Power Units For Passenger Aircraft
Keywords: auxiliary power unit, APU, aviation fuel cell, aviation dies

Abstract: The paper reviews some of the recent studies on the application of alternative power plants instead of common small gas turbine engines as an auxiliary power units (APU) used in passenger aircraft. More precisely the NASA led research in SOFC APU, DLR research in PEMFC APU and SWAFEA research in general fuel saving potential from APU are covered. A special attention is given to the research conducted in the department of Air Transport at Technical University of Sofia on the possible application of diesel engines as alternative APU on narrow body passenger airliners. In conclusion some remarks on the feasibility of these alternatives are made. Possible implications of the alternative APU on military transport aircraft, AEW&C aircraft, etc. are also considered.



    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES 2013 Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence in Brno, 2013, Czech Republic,

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