Autors: Rupetsov V., Uzunov Iv., Mishev A., Panov, I. T., Velev E.
Title: Study of wear intensity of solid nanocoatings deposited on steel 1.2080 (X12)
Keywords: multilayer coating, wear intensity, PVD method

Abstract: The wear resistance of hard nanocoatings - TiN, TiCN and nc-TiAlN/ a-Si3N4 - deposited on tool steel 1.2080 (X12) - has been studied. One-factor experimental tests have been performed: specific wear intensity, resulting from the load. The research methodology is based on the volume of the removed material. Correlation dependences of the specific wear intensity on the load have been found. A comparative assessment of the individual coatings has been made and practical guidelines for their application have been proposed.



    Bulgarian Chemical Communications, vol. Volume 53, pp. pp. 424 - 428, 2021, Bulgaria,, DOI: 10.34049/bcc.53.4.5396


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