Autors: Borovska, P. I., Nakov, O. N., Ivanova, D. A., S. Markov., F. Filipov.
Title: Performance Evaluation of TOFU System Area Network Design for High-Performance Computer Systems
Keywords: Switch Architectural Design, TOFU System Area Networks, Simu

Abstract: Switch and system area network architectural designs are significantly influenced by next generation high-performance computer systems and supercomputer technology. As technology evolves, this impact on interconnection network needs to be considered and reevaluated. In this paper we evaluate a communication performance of a high-speed switch and TOFU system area network design by means of network simulations using OMNET++ simulator. The models under investigation have been verified on the basis of parallel program implementations (C++, MPI) on IBM Blade Center



    Proceedings of the European Computing Conference, ECC '11, pp. 137-141, 2011, France, ECC, ISBN ISBN: 978-960-474-297-4

    Copyright ECC

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